Gigi's natural curiosity about how things work, creativity, and continuous desire to learn have been integral in forming her physical wellness and whole body approach to treatment.

As a bodyworker with over two decades of experience, she uses Manual Therapy to assist your body's self-corrective mechanisms to heal itself and resolve your chronic tension patterns.  She envisions a practice in which she promotes positive health through Manual Therapy for all people of all abilities with integrity, compassion, creativity and gratitude. Her private practice has been located in Denver, Colorado since 1991.  She enjoys collaborating with a variety of health professionals in the management and care of her clients' progress.  

As an educator, she enjoys sharing her enthusiasm with students as they travel on their journey of exploring the wonderous body.  She also enjoys educating her clients about how to understand and maintain awareness of their own body and how to increase their own vitality, mobility, flexibility, strength and quality of life.  She has instructed massage therapy students in one year programs of comparative Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology,  She has taught introductory courses and assisted in Lowen Systems Dynamic Manual Interface Therapy

As a life-long learner, her studies include:

  • Lowen Systems Dynamic Manual Interface
                                    - Certified Practitioner and Instructor
         Training Includes:     Core Concepts and Skills, 
                                        Manual Perceptions, 
                                        Advanced Manual Perceptions,    
                                        Biomechanical Regulators - Spine and Pelvis, 
                                        Biomechanical Regulators  - Lower Extremities, 
                                        Connective Tissue Foundations, 
                                        Advanced Connective Tissue Regulators,
                                        Physical / Energetic Interface: Neuro 1 and Neuro 2,
                                        Physical / Energetic Interface: Circulation,
                                        Cranial Dynamics,
                                        Visceral Dynamics,
                                        Fluid Pressure Dynamics: Foundations,
                                        Fluid Pressure Dynamics: Abdomen, 
                                        Fluid Pressure Dynamics: Cranial,
                                        Fluid Pressure Dynamics: Foot,
                                        Bridges and Channels: 
                                           Mechanisms of Physiological and Biomechanical Integration
                                           (Physio-Mechanical Model) Level One and Two
​                                        On-going Training Intensives and Teacher's Mentorships

  • Therapeutic Horizons
          Training Includes:  Biological Analogs - 
                                       Neuro-Reflexogenic: Cranial, Circulation, Heart, Brain, Pelvis         ​

  • Integrative Manual Therapy - IMT
          Training Includes:   Muscle Energy Technique, Spine, Extremities, Joints, 
                                        Rib Cage, 
                                        Advanced MET - Sacrum and Extremities, Visceral
                                        Strain Counterstrain, 
                                        3-Planar Myofascial Release, 
                                        Myofascial Release, 
                                        Myofascial Mapping 
                                        Cranial Therapy Series,
                                        IMT for Women's and Men's Health Issues,
                                        IMT Gastrointestinal,
                                        Integrative Diagnostic Series, 
                                        The Lymphatic System,
                                        Diaghram Compression Syndromes Upper and 
                                        Lower Extremities,
  • Advanced Bodywork Seminars
          Training Includes:     Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy ​

  • Fischer Seminars For Advanced Manual Medicine
          Training Includes:  Module 1: Functional Manipulative Procedure​
                                        Module 2: Reflexotherapy
                                        Module 3: Cranial Therapy

  • AnchorPoint System Acupressure
          Training Includes:      Oriental Bodywork, Breathing and Meditation          

  • Acupressure Sports Therapy 

  • Nervous System Overload and Trauma Release Therapies:
           Training Includes:      Associative Awareness Technique - AAT Level 1, 2 & 3

  • Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado    
                          -  Certificate of Honors 1991   
                            - 1051 Hour Certification in Integrative Massage Techniques 1991 ​


  • Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
                                      Certified Member (ACBT) since 1991

Credentialing Certificates:

  • Colorado Department of Higher Education
                               Division of Private and Occupational Schools
                                      1995-2000 Instructor, Health Occupations
                                       2005-2010 Instructor, Health Occupations

Bodyworker, Educator and Life-Long Learner
True understanding is found through compassion.
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